Born in Bulgaria, spent the last 10 years moving across several countries.

My husband and I met in Budapest, then spent almost three years getting a short Italian espresso in the bar sotto casa in Milan and moved then to Paris where we were getting a baguette from the boulangerie at the corner and watching the Eiffel Tower from our living room. In 2017 we moved to East Bay, California and in the same year we also became parents to a really funny little boy. Some of my favourite photographers include Lindberg, Kertesz, Capa, Gardin. Whenever I go out, I take a camera with me. I am now using Panasonic Lumix GH5 or Lumix GX7, and my everyday companion Sony RX100 iv.

Other things I enjoy
  • Reading  here is my Goodreads profile: fiction, poetry, fat old books or kindle – I always bring at least one with me. I do read in English, Bulgarian, Italian and occasionally German
  • Drawing and especially using watercolors
  • Traveling
  • Journaling and Handrwiting