What the eye sees

Paris, Photography, Travel

It was beginning of May when Kelly and I visited the Musée d’Orangerie. We took our time to admire some of the most famous Les Nymphéas.

Near us, several full of curiosity six-year olds, accompanied by their art teacher were sitting comfortably in a circle, finding their own directions in the world of impressionism.

‘Come closer.’, the  art teacher said, ‘If you just focus on a single flower…’, pointing at one of the waterlilies in the painting, you will not be able to differentiate more than intense colored brush strokes. But once you step back and contemplate the whole picture… Voilà! You have the impression of a flower. Sometimes what the eye sees and the brain understands are two different things!’

Two weeks later, I had the happy occasion to visit the waterlilies garden where Monet painted his waterscapes.

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