Flâner /flɑne/

Paris, Photography

In a process of acquiring a new language, vocabulary boils down to three main categories:

  1. words that mind erases completely by the time we close the books and leave the writing table.
  2. words that stick to the top of the tongue, playfully chaffing our memory, but never being there when needed.
  3. words that write themselves down in the dictionary of our heart and encourage us to close the eyes, dream and wonder.

Flâner is a French intransitive verb meaning 1. Se promener tranquillement sans but, to wander, to walk without an aim 2. Se reposer, se détendre en ne faisant rien, to relax and take it easy.

Flâner also means put a pair of jeans and comfortable shoes and go out wandering the streets of Saint-Germain; or get a good book and a cup of warm tea and enjoy the winter sun in Jardin de Luxembourg; or get to know the person sitting across you in the metro; or have a delicious dinner with the person you love.

Flâner means have a good time and learn to appreciate it.

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