December list of pleasures

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List of Pleasures, Travel

On the contrary with the seasonal Best of the year summaries appearing all around in the last hours of the year I am listing my pleasures for the month.

Apartment in Paris

Found. It took time and emotional investment to research apartments in 15e and 16e in Paris, to contact to agents, to arrange visits and get impressed or really disappointed. But hey, we managed to find our beautiful new apartment with a Parisian postal code 75015. The address is about to be changed in January. So, New Year, new city to discover.

In relation to this I start a brand new Parisian blog called Cinq minutes de Paris which aims recording short stories, catalogued under expats, move, life in Paris, urban gems. 

I plan saving Anatomia Fotografica for travel photography and visual storytelling projects, until I post daily/weekly about Paris. Hopefully, I will manage to write in both English and French.

Home for Christmas

For sure, the biggest gift for the year was to go back home, in Bulgaria for Christmas. Besides the mouth-watering preparations of my mum, Rob and I had the chance to meet cousins and friends (although quite limited number because of the short stay) and share good post-lunch talks.

Weekend in Viareggio 

Before our Christmas trip we had another family weekend in our second home – the cosy house of Rob’s parents at the Tuscanian seaside. Surely, there is a lot to say about the place, but one of my favourites, always when we are visiting, is to prepare gnocchi, together with Carla and Vincenzo.

In such moments living room becomes a pasta producing field where Carla prepares the farina-patata mix and Vincenzo and I shape the tiny gnocchi. Il condimento or the seasoning changes all the time, but the result is always finger-licking.

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