Language lessons for beginners

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I have always been fascinated with languages lessons. For the simple pleasure of acquisition of laborious grammatical construction. For the plain lexical satisfaction. Like a toddler, praised by its parents for the first correct sentence I feel utterly fulfilled by being able to say Alors, je voudrais un ticket de métro, s’il vous plaît or On se retrouve au petit café à côté du cinéma. 

French is the fifth language I am studying in depth (along German, English, Hungarian, Italian and my native – Bulgarian) and more than ever I am happily going through the usual foreign language lessons by evoking memories in Past Tenses, giving cooking direction in Imperative, reading futuristic text in Future Tenses, making a wish in Conditional or being subjective in Subjonctif.

Language lessons for beginners are cotton candy to me. Or if I have to quote Nietzsche,

“He who speaks a bit of a foreign language has more delight in it than he who speaks it well; pleasure goes along with superficial knowledge.”

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