Through the Eyes of the Siren

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Italy, Milano, Photography

The sun beams penetrating through the window in our living room are writing an invitation for a stroll in the park, kindly reminding that spring is waiting behind the blossoming threes and over the wings of the singing birds.

Time to throw the lighter coat on your shoulders, tie up your shoes and set a direction: outside in the spring.

First of my favourite park spots appears to be Il Ponte delle Sirenette or The Bridge of the Sirens, also known as the bridge of le Sorelle Ghisini (from Italian ghisa: cast iron) in the heart of Parco Sempione.

The bridge was designed by architect Francesco Tettamani and it became famous as the first metal bridge in Italy.

It is quite peculiar that this is not the original location where the graceful bridge was placed. From 1942 until 1930 the gorgeous sirens were beautifying the former Via Damiano in the zone of the Navigli.  As De Gregorio Aldo points out in his article with historical remarks about the bridge, the eyes of the sirens have seen many lovers meet.

Other urban legend says that it brings a good luck to caress the breast of the sirens, of course.

Encompassed by elegant willow threes Il Ponte delle Sirenette nowadays is one of the most romantic spots in Parco Sempione. And without a doubt the iron sirens are still witnessing plenty of shy kisses and holding hands.

For those interested in the old location of the bridge, there is a beautiful selection of the old photographs collected by the guys of Foto Milano Sparita on Facebook.

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