Three Women To Inspire February

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I was born in a small hospital in Tokyo. Mamma says she remembers two things: A mouse running across the floor, which she took as a sign of good luck.A nurse bending down and whispering apologetically: “I am afraid it’s a girl. Would you prefer to inform your husband yourself? 

Liv Ullmann, Changing

This winter it rains quite a lot in Milan and Sunday afternoons encourage cuddling on the couch with a good book and a cup of tea.

I found myself being an interlocutor of the Norwegian actress Liv Ullmann.

Reading Changing is like an immediate submergence into Liv’s most sincere, most intimate world. Traveling between innocent childhood memories and daily engagements, inhabiting the artistic reality of Hollywood, Paris, London or describing the daily routines back home in Oslo, any time Liv Ullmann leaves the sensation of elegant, bright woman, facing the life with unutterable strength.

The airplane is circling above a city. There is expectancy in me as I look out into the night. I know it is hot. No need to think of Norwefgian homespun and boots for a few days… air that calls for no more than a thin blouse 

I shall be awake when everyone at home is asleep.

Benedetta Bruzziches, Photo:

Benedetta Bruzziches, Photo:

Bags are tailor made for containing stories.

Benedetta Bruzziches

Benedetta Bruzziches is 27 year old, but her success as a fashion designer of bags went across the globe. I see her sharing her story for TEDxIED dedicated to young people and work.

The young lady comes from a town, not far from Rome, called Caprarola. She has been travelling the world, but when it comes to work she is a fan of the local tradizione artiginale. Fashion should be a communication, shares Benedetta with contagious smile and shining with enthusiasm smile. It should convey certain values. A bag should be a talisman or as she points out in her website: bags are tailor made for containing stories.

She reminds the original Made in Italy philosophy is about young people working passionately on something, it is about start believing that what you imagine could be achieved.

Cindy Gallop at Social Media Week, Milan

Cindy Gallop at Social Media Week, Milan

Women challenge the status quo because we are never it.

Cindy Gallop

These days Cindy is in Milan for the Social Media Week, giving more details about the way porn influences relationships and presenting her project (make love not porn).

Facing the way porn marks more and more relationships nowadays and creates a distorted image of the sexual intercourse, Cindy and her team have created the website in order to highlight the differences between porn industry and real life.

Alarming that in the recent years the average age of child seeing a porn scene went down to 8, the project makelovenotporn aims to start an open, healthy conversation about sex, fostering parents to talk, to explain.

Recently, the branched out from the original project, where people from all over the world are invited to share their love making videos, showing that real life love is actually funny, messy and in the end of a hard working day most of the people do not behave as pornstars, but actually go for the lazy person sex and it is okay.



2 thoughts on “Three Women To Inspire February”

  1. luminously says:

    Really enjoyed the website combating stereotypes about sex. As for the handbags, there was a discussion in my class that designers intentionally market the handbag as it is an item that is used everyday and isn’t subject to change as much as clothes, therefore promoting its consumption. Either way, I believe ethical and conscious shopping is the way to go! ^_^

  2. I liked so much the point of being conscious when deciding that we need another item for our wardrobes.
    I am now trying to be conscious each time I go to a stationery shop avoiding to buy more paper, notebooks or pens. But yes, we should stay aware of what we are doing and moreover, we have take care of our stuff 🙂

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