The same Moon over us

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Tonight enjoying a cup of hot tea on the terrace (since it is the first day of twelve in a row when it does not rain) I could see the beautiful moon manifesting over the sky in Milan.

It has been a long time since I caught myself starring at the sky with the though: Oh, boy, it is the same moon above us in the whole northern hemisphere.

Last October besides enjoying the Ottobrate romane, I had the chance to experience the emotional event of TedX Trastevere.

The conference was organised in a old fish market situated between the Colosseum and the old Jewish quarter.

The opening happened to be by sunset so I still have the memory of seeing the last sunlights in orange and red passing through the holes of the huge David star on the ceiling.

It was already dark outside when Daniela de Robert came on stage.

An activist, volunteer in the prison of Milan and author of the book Sembrano proprio come noi, They seem exactly like us, Daniela was sharing impressive moments from her work with the prisoners including poetry writing, reading and theatre.

Among the activities there was a star watching night as well.

There was a woman, living in a cell looking towards the inner part courtyard. From the her window she could only see a wall from the opposite building. The evening the prisoners went out to watch the stars was the first time for five years when this woman had the chance to see the moon.

Good night

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