List of Pleasures in June

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Pleasure List in June

To catalog some moments of pleasure in the end of each month became an irreplaceable practice in my personal diary, which I though I could translate in this blog in the shape of a monthly visual storytelling.

So here we  go in June.

As John Lanchester reveals in his book The Debt of Pleasure.. Seasons, times of the years can be strongly evocative of place.  Same here.  Late spring, early summer when the gentle aroma of tilia trees starts pervading the streets I am traveling back in time in my home town.

Just across our living room in Naiden Gerov str. there used to be an old tilia tree blossoming and announcing the liberty and joy of the evenings in June. This time was bursting with canal side walks, long coffee on the balcony in the morning and sweaty afternoons.

I used to think that in Milan tilia trees are luxury as it takes hours of wandering of shady boulevards and patience to enjoy their perfume, until I walked in Viale Lazio.

A quiet side street of Viale Monte Nero  with inviting alley under of pleiad of Tilia trees could be the best lounge for an afternoon gelato in June.

The cross-culture flavoured conversation with Josiane and Rubina over a delicious cake in California bakery in Via Tortona fascinated me how much we could share emotionally between Italy, Lebanon, Thailand, India and Bulgaria. Mapping personal experience and drawing future aspirations left the impression this is the beginning of a nice series of upcoming talks.

Sunday lunch with Eszter and Robi in a hidden restaurant on the top of Bellaggio allowed us to enjoy a delicious meal in front of a breathtaking view on a sunny day. Polenta, salsiccia, l’insalata and an easy talk.




The view from the restaurant on the top of Bellaggio.



The exhibition of one of the most notable Italian photographers Berengo Gardin in Palazzo Reale provoked  a lot of appreciation and though. Extremely impressed by the series People of Milan: photographs taken from 1962 onwards revealing spontaneous etudes from the streets, stations, inner yards of the city of Milan, far from the stereotype of tourist photography.

Berengo Gardin Exhibition

Berengo Gardin Exhibition in Palazzo Reale

Having an ice cream cup on the terrace after dinner. After the diligent arrangement of the open space of our home which Robi did with such a dedication, finally we can spend some quality time on the patio.

And more to come..

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