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Thinking back of the good old school days I could recall that in the last day before the summer vacation we were given a list of books to read during the break. Being a voracious reader myself I have been waiting for this list with anxiety. The organized summer reading  and the opportunity to fill attentively the reader’s diary were real reasons for joy.

Finding myself between the end of the classes and the beginning of an internship in two months I realized that I have to put in order the recently appeared  literature randomness or monogamy (always trustful to all the lectures of an author) and to set up myself a reading list for this vacation.

Reading List

Reading List

For the mornings, adjacent to a cup of coffee in the kitchen.The second volume diaries of Susan Sontag. As On Photography turned into my personal bible immediately, the spiritual necessity to read the inner world of Sontag increased dramatically.

Afternoon readings on the balcony. Another gem I have found on Sofia Airport last time when going back home came to be The Lapidary of Dreams of the Bulgarian author Alexander Sekulov.  A timeless story of lovers searching for each other accompanied by the inspirational illustrations of Atanas Hranov.

Perhaps asked several weeks ago I would not have included The Principle of Biochemistry in my summer reading list as I would define the volume as  a winter book, but the recent health exams require an advance knowledge about enzymes.

Last but not least for these book series for today shows up the easiest companion for a book date under the cover of the tour guide of Rome.  Relocating myself in the eternal city in the end of august in order to experience the news environment, carrying out an internship in a news agency makes me spend long time of redrawing pieces of street maps in my notebook and dreaming about first walks before sunset.

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