This Time, Next Year

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Italy, Milano, Photography, Travel

June ’12, Budapest
This time, last year, usually wednesdays Dori and I used to meet and to design our future over a cup of cappuccino. Right after the Italian class for beginners we turned the patio of Ibolya kavezó on Ferenciek tere into a scene for possible hereafter scenarios.
The air was nicely permeated by the sweet tilia trees fragrance from the opposite street and tourist were just gathering together before the daily city exploration.

June ’13, Milan
Dori and I keep seeing each other on Wednesday. The usual appointment stays for 10am in front of Duomo di Milano when the hunt for a cosy Italian coffeshop begins. Italians are fast coffee drinks who spent a minimum record of time in ordering, drinking and paying their 30 ml perfectly black esspresso, but we are accustomed to another pace. A good cappuccino, a table adjacent to a large windown and some future choreographing.

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